5 Video Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014

5 Video Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014

There is no doubt that video marketing has been one of the most important and effective means of promoting a brand. From its conception, when the television was invented, video marketing has made great strides. Especially with the proliferation of the Internet, video marketing is raised to a whole new level.

In 2014, there are different trends that we will witness in the field of video marketing. Knowing these trends will help you understand how to modify your approach in creating videos and how to distribute it across the World Wide Web. In this post, let us look into some of forecasted trends that will dominate 2014.

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Less is more

Statistics shows that short videos are the ones making it big on the Internet. Thus, we see the popularity of micro-video platforms such as Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, and Vine. It was further known that micro-videos spanning to 3-15 seconds are four times more likely to be shared by people compared to longer videos.

Going Mobile

Obviously, we have seen the rise of mobile technology from the start of the 21st century and we can see the migration of many users from desktop to their mobile devices. Since most mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have slower Internet connectivity, it is very important that you create videos with smaller file size. You must know how to balance file size and video quality. One source suggests that in just a few years from now, video content will grow to the point that it will account 70% of all the Internet content.

TV to Internet

We can still say that video ads on television are still effective. However, because of the high cost of displaying ads on TV, more and more companies are turning to the Internet to promote their brands. Since the Internet is almost free of cost to broadcast, it can offer a higher return of investment.

Stop talking about yourself

Yes, I know, it is an ad so it should revolve around your brand. While this might be the case, most people are sick of brands that are always talking about themselves. There is a trend now that allows brands to promote itself in a very subtle, but memorable way. You must create a video that centers around your customers and make them feel that it is all about them. This way, you can effectively convince your audience that you have something beneficial to offer.

Videos on social media

There is a good reason why videos posted on social media go viral. Since there are a lot of people gathered in social networking sites, it is no great wonder to find a bulk of your traffic to be coming from social media. Thus, it is very important that you share your videos in various websites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and others.


When it comes to video marketing, it is very important that you know what the trends are. Being dynamic and innovative at the same time will give you an edge in video marketing. With the right information, mindset, and support, you will become better on Internet marketing as a whole.

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