Affiliate Management Software And Shopping Cart In One

Affiliate Management Software And Shopping Cart In One

When it comes to affilate management it is important to have a software that can track all your affiliate sales and commission rates for all your online sales, especially if you sell your own products or services. Or if you take direct payments for other peoples products or services. If you are very new to the internet and have only been selling other peoples products you can get by without it.

But for someone who sells a product or service setting up an affiliate programme is a great way to get more sales at little or no cost to yourself. Lets put it this way if you sell $100k a year of product doing what you are doing now. And you recruited some good affiliates there is no reason why your sales could not increase by another $200,000.  Lets say this happened even if you where paying out a 50% commission to your affiliates  you still would have increased your earnings by $100k especially if the product is digital or software.

The other important thing when it comes to affiliates and management of your websites is also digital delivery. It is much nicer to know someone can come to your website pay for your latest,E-Book,Software or video course and download it immediately through a secure link meaning that only they can access it and for a limited period of time. If they wish to re download it later your shopping cart will sort that out automatically as well.

Nobody wants to order an e-book and wait for a day for someone to email them the download link or send people to a download page and then they send the link to all their friends who subsequently get your products for free. I definetely think that a good affiliate manager and digital delivery system is worth investing in if you are serious about your online business. You can get a free trial for the software that I am using for my affiliate management and digital delivery by clicking on the link below. I have been using this system now for 4 years and I would highly recommend it to anyone committed to starting an online business. If you are searching for a get rich quick scheme this software may not be for you..

Other benefits are you also get unlimited autoresponder lists, different forms with various fields or you can customise your own forms. If you register for the free trial below using the link below if you fill in the contact form on Ask Sotiris . I will help you set it up just put in the message please could you help me set up my shopping cart. And I will help you setup your first campaign.  I myself paid thousands for personal mentoring most of I I used for just this so you will be getting it for free so it is kind of a no brainer..  So click the link below to start your 30 day free trial no credit card details etc required ..

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Affiliate Management Software And Shopping Cart In One

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