CMS Commander is a WordPress,Joomla and Drupal CMS Multiple Website Manager here is my Review of it

CMS Commander is a WordPress,Joomla and Drupal CMS Multiple Website Manager here is my Review of it

The guy who set this up I personally think is a genius when it comes to creating wordpress tools I was a great fan of his WP Robot and use it still to this day. I got an email a few months ago about CMS commander he was looking for some people to test out the software I was highly delighted to do this as I realised the quality of his products from ones I had bought in the past from him. I am a big wordpress fan and have in excess of 530 websites at the moment I do not use drupal,Joomla or any other platforms apart from Pligg and WordPress so I can only talk about the WordPress aspect of CMS Commander.

The hardest part of CMS Commander is adding all your websites to it especially if you have hundreds like me. You can now edit all your websites or even customers websites without needing a password for the websites. All you do is upload the CMS Commander plugin to all your websites then go into the command center and add your websites one by one. You can put all your sites into categories so you could have say all your health and fitness websites in one category, then have your classified ads websites in another category. This is really useful as once all your websites are added you can post to all of your websites or one different categories of websites at one time.. So if you happen to have 50 Classified websites like me you could login to 50 of them in one go and post an ad thus exposing your ad to 50 websites by posting one post pretty cool if I may say so myself.

Although I haven’t used the drupal,joomla functions etc I would say it would work pretty much the same way at the moment it is still in Beta so you can become a user for FREE. I myself Sotiris Bassakaropoulos would highly recommend it. Just Go To CMS Commander to get it today

CMS Commander WordPress,Joomla,Drupal, CMS Multiple Website Manager Review

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