Domain Name SEO -Are You Using It Yet

Domain Name SEO -Are You Using It Yet many people have heard of SEO and quite a lot of Internet Marketers understand the usefulness of domain name SEO for ranking your website on the search engines. Unfotunately there are still a lot of people who do not know how domain name SEO works.

I still to this day see so many people giving their website domain names like PJ or ab now fair enough if your business name is already a huge Brand Name with a name like I highly doubt it. But lets just say it is if millions of people type into Google abjohnston in a google search looking for your business that domain might be fine.

Unfortunately the majority of new Internet Businesses starting out are virtually unheard of. If you are selling printing services in california there are 20,000 people a month typing in to Google printing services in California. Why on earth would you register the domain Daniel Hill.Com who is unknown and probably no one ever looks for on google instead of WWW.PrintingServicesInCalifornia.Com

Unfortunately I have no idea but if you want traffic to your website easily buy a domain with the keyword/keywords you want to rank for not your name. Even if you really like your name everyone else might not share your opinion. If you have decided your business will be your name no matter what then register a business keyword domain and your name.

And use both of them for your website or else start of with the business domain and when you get rich and famous change it to your own domain name when thousands of people every week are typing your name into Google. Domain Name SEO is a lot easier way to get your website on the front page of Google than using a million backlinks on top quality websites. So if you want to make your life easier register the keyword domain..

I myself have over 530 websites at the moment so I know a bit about the subject due to trial and error in the past. So save yourself the extra bother and do it the easy way.

If you have any more questions about this or any other Internet Marketing subject feel free to contact me using the contact form on WWW.AskSotiris.Com And also feel free to browse through our other Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Tools and don’t forget to start using domain name SEO in your Internet Marketing Business..


Domain Name SEO -Are You Using It Yet

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