Explainer Video – The Answer for the Need for More Traffic

Explainer Video – The Answer for the Need for More Traffic

Unique videos have the ability to explain exactly what your company does, what it has to offer and what it can produce, with everything covered in a span of 2 or 3 minutes, in the simplest and easiest way possible. It increases the chances that your target audience is going to purchase your product or choose your services. These videos are usually called animated explainer video. Today, you can find a lot of companies that specialize in creating explainer video. Choosing the best explainer video creator will depend on your budget and the specific needs of your company.

Explainer videos are being used by a lot of people, not only companies that have their own websites. Such videos also come in handy during meetings, book trailers, blogs, kickstarter campaigns, and others. Inspirational speakers also use these videos most of the time as a form of fast and powerful PowerPoint presentation. A lot of non-profit organizations also enjoy the benefits that these videos have to offer. n fact, anyone who wants to share an idea that they want people to remember for a long time will find an explainer video very helpful. It is much easier to remember ideas that came from such videos since these are witty, concise and cleverly animated.

Explainer Video - The Answer For The Need For More Traffic.

Why do these videos work in the first place? An explainer video works because people are now used to watching different media content online. The truth is, 100 million individuals watch online videos every single day. About 80% of people who claimed that they visited a site and watched the whole explainer video said that they can remember 90% of the content of the site.

Videos now rank highest in search engine results. Video results can be found in around 70 percent of the 100 top ranks in Google. Explainer videos have a very big impact on the world of retail. 4 out of 10 customers visit an online shop as a direct result of watching an explainer video.

Products are now getting more and more specialized these days and explainer videos can present a message that people will be more than eager and willing to listen to.

So, how can an explainer video actually get more traffic to your website, then? Research revealed that 75 percent of today’s business executives claim that they watch online videos at least once every week that then increases business to business sales. Most of the time, they watch videos on YouTube that make them more likely to visit the website of the marketer. The quickest and most effective method for generating new leads for the local businesses is through the use of explainer videos. Such videos can be easily shared with about 68 percent of viewers polled stated that they really share these videos that is why it is very possible for one video to go viral. It also leads to digital word of mouth.

Needless to say, an explainer video is not merely a wave of the future as it is now making a big impact to today’s world.


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