Fiverr The IM Tool For Serious Marketers

Fiverr The IM Tool For Serious Marketers
When it comes to Internet Marketing Fiverr has a lot of awesome opportunities for an Internet Marketer. Just because gigs cost 5 dollars does not mean that they are inferior services. In fact I have found many brilliant services made by talented people on Fiverr.

There are many awesome tools available, some of my favourites are video Intro’s, Video voiceovers,videos of all description including professional comedy and bizarre. Writing services including article writing, sales letter copy, video scrips,transcription,translation,new girlfriend or boyfriend on Facebook for a week.

Other services include getting more Facebook friends,you tube views,twitter followers,backlinks and SEO services.You can also get your products,services and websites advertised by people with thousands of Twitter followers, large Facebook groups or fan pages.Fiverr The IM Tool For Serious Marketers 🙂

There are also lots of Gigs by graphic designers for example logo creation Facebook banners,banners for your website. Singers offering to sing a song advertising your businesses, services or websites.

Fiverr is also a great way to make some extra pocket money with a little bit of imagination or just by browsing through Fiverr listings you can find a business or service you can offer yourself in fact 18% of Fiverr users make a full time living of Fiverr.Plus Fiverr The IM Tool For Serious Marketers offers 100% free listings Also you heard right 18% of people working gigs on Fiverr do it as their full time job.

So if you are an Internet Marketer you should definetely check out Fiverr and see what gigs you could be doing with, or if you are just looking for some extra income get your services listed for Free on Fiverr today it costs nothing to list your gigs. Fiverr take a dollar commission from every $5 gig that is how they make their revenue.

As a bit of a tester I listed a couple of gigs for fun I got quite a few sales from them the money I made I just used to buy other services on Fiverr. Alternatively you can send the money directly into your paypal account from Fiverr with your earnings at your own discretion. I hope you found this interesting please feel free to share with your Friends and Followers using the share buttons below.

Fiverr The IM Tool For Serious Marketers

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