Free Images Yes 100% Completely Free

Free Images Yes 100% Completely Free

When you need an image for your website, Facebook group, Etc you can be naughty and type into Google a search for images then click on Google Images and type in a search what you are looking for E.G. Young Boy With Ice Cream. The only problem is many of these images may be of other websites and may be subject to copyright even worse still. It could be an image off a photography site that sells images and they could sue you for using their copyright images. So it is not really a good way to get images there are lots of photography sites where you can purchase images to put on your website like Fotolia for example you can probably pick up your picture for about $10, The other option is to take the photo yourself but let’s be realistic about it that is rarely going to happen. I can picture the scenario now it’s 1 am in the morning you are just about to add that last post onto your travel website. And you need a picture of a boy having an ice cream at a festival you are kind of stuck..


Luckily for you I am an Internet Seminar Junkie 🙂 I was at one seminar in London a few years ago and they gave me a free resource for getting non copyright photos which you can use on your blog or website. Or Facebook,Pinterest,Twitter Account ETC.. The website is a Hungarian website but has a reasonable selection of pictures which you can use 100% Free the name of the website is WWW.SXC.HU or else an even better one is WWW.MorgueFile.Com . Go there yourself and check it out there are some paid ads and other paid pictures too I guess they are also affiliates of some paid photo sites as well. Well they have to earn an extra few $$’s somehow but the main photos are all free. If you found this little resource useful please tweet and share it with your friends using the buttons below .Your friends will love it too 🙂

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Free Images Yes 100% Completely Free

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