How Do You Blog And Get Page 1 Rankings

How Do You Blog And Get Page 1 Rankings– This is the magic question that millions of bloggers are asking every day. In todays online market there are many very competitive industries. And keywords which are hard to rank for some companies spend years trying to optimise their websites or blogs for certain keywords.

It is well known that Google tends to like and rank better aged and well trusted websites with good original content and information. Recently they are also quite keen on social shares as well. For example posts that have been shared by different people on Twitter,Facebook, Google Plus etc.

Lots of marketers and business owners spend tens of thousands of dollars promoting their online businesses. Their strategy is to  pay writers, content creators and paid advertising to be seen on Google in their specific niche. Unfortunately after Googles recent Panda and  Penguin updates,  many of these huge websites got hammered for having artificially created backlinks.

And they went from page 1 on Google to page 300 Plus. Yes, that is correct people who where making tens hundreds even millions of dollars incomes disappeared overnight. Many of them where paying 200k a month on SEO. 🙁  If you want to know, ” how do I blog” and put your business on the map, then you can do the same as them, the option is yours. Or else you can start promoting your business/services on a Blog which has already got an 800 worldwide Alexa ranking.

I myself would highly recommend it. One of my clients called me and told me he found a domain with 150,000,000 searches per month and low competition . When I googled the keyword, to my startlement, this 800 Alexa ranked blog came up on Google in position 1 .Can you imagine how much money you could make if you can get a page 1 ranking for such keywords. It depends on your business model or what you are selling, I will leave it to your imagination. 🙂 The crazy part is you can get a blog, like this very easily and for the cost of a cheap meal in a restaurant/diner.

If you would like to find out more about “how to get a readily made ranked website” or blog just click on the link below while the price is still so low.

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How Do You Blog And Get Page 1 Rankings

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