How To Have Auctions On Your Website

How to have auctions on your website. Lots of us have a lot of programmes, products and even unused or unwanted goods lying about. If you want rid of them you can sell them on Amazon,Ebay or a few other options the downside being you end up promoting someone elses website in the process. Plus you get charged a commission fee for selling it. Would you like to be able to start an auction on your own wordpress website or blog  selling your own products commission free.

I actually stumbled across this free plugin by accident online the other day and have since listed quite a few auctions on many of my other websites. I am now selling DVD’s I have resale rights on, Domains unwanted household goods and many more things. I thought this could be a great way for you to declutter  your house and computer,in fact  even declutter some of your unused domain names in the process.

So here it is The Auction Script you have been dreaming of..  Or at least I was 😉 Let me know what you think you think feel free to

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How To Have Auctions On Your Website

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