How To Increase Your Blog Visiting Time With Related Content Plugins

How To Increase Your Blog Visiting Time With Related Content Plugins– We are all guilty of it at some time or another you want to make a blog post but you haven’t got a lot of time or it gets a little bit rushed and you don’t add as much content on your blog as what you would have originally liked to do. One of the things you can do to keep your readers engaged for longer is to add a related posts plugin onto your website or blog. The plugins are completely free the only thing it costs you is a little time to install the plugin on your website or blog that is all. Most related content plugins offer some links at the end of your blog posts to blog posts of a similar subject. Maybe they have similar keywords or similar tags in the posts.

The majority of them are pretty much self explanatory to install if you are having any problems a trip to you tube or e-how normally will solve it for you, or if they don’t work try googling the solution. I was looking for a plugin for related content the other day for one of my websites and I came across a plugin that as well as having links to other posts it also has pictures from other posts as well. Even if your posts do not have any pictures you can upload a picture to be default and that can be shown instead.

The name of the plugin is Nrelated Related content plugin there are also lots of other related plugins as well so if it is not compatable with your blog or you want something that shows links below the posts then you can find them by typing in related content into your wordpress plugin search in the backoffice of your wordpress blog or alternatively you can also Google them as well. I have included a link to The Nrelated Related Content Plugin and hope you find it useful in the quest to make your blog more interesting and Google friendly. If you are interested in other useful plugins to use on your wordpress blog Click Here for a list of posts discussing wordpress plugins.

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How To Increase Your Blog Visiting Time With Related Content Plugins

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