How To Unfollow People On Twitter In 2012

How To Unfollow People On Twitter In 2012– Twitter Tools come and go twitter rules get tighter and tighter until near suffocation point.
But if you are ever going to have decent numbers of twitter followers you have to keep the numbers near as level as possible if you don’t want your twitter account flagged.

There where lots of different tools in the past to unfollow people on twitter but twitter shut them all down with their new rules about automation tools. Lots of people just continued and never got their accounts shut down other less fortunate people did.

Anyone who has a decent following on twitter unless they are film star or have an email list the size of Ireland like a certain Internet Marketer I know they are highly unlikely to be able to build a huge following on Twitter without following or unfollowing people.

This tool doesn’t break their so called automation rules as it is manual but will certainly make your life easier when unfollowing people who don’t follow you back. 🙂 The Tool is called just unfollow you can find it at If you are looking for any more twitter tips you can find them at The Twitterplan

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How To Unfollow People On Twitter In 2012

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