Optimizepress Review-Salesletter Theme By Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

Optimizepress Review-Salesletter Theme By Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

Today I am giving you my Optimizepress Review I would like to let you know all of the pro’s and con’s so you can make your own best decision about whether you would like to purchase the optimizepress theme for wordpress or not. This is my own personal opinion of optimizepress based on my experiences and may not be the same as anyone else.

I have decided to start with all the reasons why you would perhaps wish to purchase Optimizepress  and afterwards list some reasons why you might not.

Reasons For Buying Optimizepress Theme For WordPress

1. The theme looks absolutely awesome and has some really amazing really nice looking capture pages.

2. The theme also has some beautiful sales pages there are fancy buttons video can be added into the theme and look really neat compared to many other themes.

3.It really includes all the bells and whistles Facebook comments share buttons etc.

4. Many Top Internet Marketers Think That Optimizepress It Is The Only WordPress Capture Page Theme ,Salespage or WP Sales Video Them For Them.

5. It is a highly customiseable  theme.

6. It looks like a website that you have paid a fortune to have made. 🙂

7. The buttons are second to none for ordering etc.

8. There are cool templates for your testimonials and also lots of other cool graphics built into the theme.


Reasons Why You May Consider Not  Buying Optimizepress Theme For WordPress

1. It takes ages to go through the videos to find out how to set it up.

2. I do not think there anyway around question 1 unless you have worked with optimizepress before.

3. If you are doing a Salesletter with Optimizepress it could easily take you half a day to set up your  site.

4. It takes a lot of work to get it up and running properly.

5. I have 538 websites And I had not the patience to finish setting up my optimizepress salespage.

6. You can get get confused through some of the setting up processes.

7. It is definetely not the easiest software to set up a capture page or sales page.

8.. I got my sites hacked through a Tim Thumb File in Optimizepress  though I have been told the updated versions are better.


Optimizepress Summary- You either Love It Or Hate It Or Like Me You Have A Love Hate Relationship With It.

The main Benefits And Features Are The Custom Capture Pages

Sales Pages And Video Sales Pages.

Some Alternatives To Optimizepress

For Capture Pages I use Empower Network Ready Made Capture Pages 

For Sales Pages I Use This WP Plugin Benefits Of It Are You Have Ready Made Copy Unlike Optimizepress And Can Easily make A salespage in Under 20 Mins.

Visit The Optimizepress Website

Optimizepress Review-Salesletter ThemeBy Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

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