Picnik Alternative Free Photo Editor

Picnik Alternative Free Photo Editor

Picnik was a Free photo editor I used it every day for many different things resizing images creating banners editing banners for my websites and blogs and much more. A few months ago a message appeared on Picnik saying it would be closing in April. I am not sure exactly all the in’s and outs of it but Google bought them and decided to close down the website. For me it was highly dissapointing as picnik was one of the few photo editors I use or for that matter know how to use. ¬†ūüôĀ I google’d ¬†around for a while trying to find a¬†Picnik Alternative Free Photo Editor¬†but I didn’t recognise how the editors worked and found them a pain in the Bu** to use.

The next day a very good friend of mine told me she had found an editor in Google Chrome practically the same as Picnik so as you can imagine I was pretty delighted :-). Though I thought to myself seems a bit silly I should have to have a google chrome toolbar to be able to use the photo editor. Then as luck had it I found WWW.Ipiccy.Com which to me looks like 99.99 % the same as picnik is also easy to use and user friendly like picnik.


If you are new to editing photos and are just looking for a free photo editing software or Picnik Alternative Free Photo Editor which you can figure out how to use that is great too. You can click on the image above to visit ipiccy or just click here .

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Picnik Alternative Free Photo Editor

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