Pligg Websites And SEO

Pligg Websites And SEO- Up until two year’s ago I had never heard of Pligg before in fact if you had mentioned it to me for all I know it could have been a movie. Then one day I was looking at Flippa a website where you can buy and sell websites online and being a bit of a real estate cashflow entrepreneur in the past I decided to see how websites could do the same. So I was checking out different websites how much profit they where making every month. How much traffic they where getting what keywords they where using to drive the traffic etc.  Up till this point my highest Alexa ranking website stood at about 350,000 I looked at a few social bookmarking sites and they had a ranking of 47,000 – 60,000 and one of them included a list of over 8,000 members who you could email. When I saw this I got pretty excited and I bought one for $200 when I was buying the website I sent a message to the website owner asking if the website was on wordpress. As I hate messing around with html dreamweaver type websites.

The website owner informed me it was built on a CMS (Content Management System) called Pligg. After seeing the alexa ranking and list of subscribers I decided to buy it whatever it was and that I did.  I actually went away to Bulgaria for three months without managing the website and when I came back it was ranked 30,000 on alexa and had 80,000 subscribers which was crazy.  People where just posting short 100 word articles with their backlinks for SEO and with a 30,000 Alexa ranking it all made perfect sense to me. I started posting links on it too. 😉  I thought maybe I should be making these websites myself but when I googled how to make a Pligg website it was kind of like japanese to me. No way I was going to be doing it.  Just by sheer luck in one of my hosting providers I discovered a one click install for Pligg and made my own first Pligg website in ten mins .

Within weeks it was getting lots of posts and subscribers in fact I had to move the site to another host as it grew like crazy by itself 100% yes In fact I think I put about 3 posts on on it in the beginning and that was it within 8 weeks it had thousands of new posts. And lots of new subscribers. If you want to build your own Pligg site for whatever reason you choose here is the host you need to make that simple one click install. The sites with the basic theme look pretty bland but believe me the traffic more than makes up for it.

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Pligg Websites And SEO

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