Quality Click Control Rotator And Tracker Review

Quality Click Control Rotator And Tracker Review

Hi a few months ago I bought the Internet Traffic Formula product from one of the businesses which I am a member of. In the trainings one of our top earners who made $710,000 in his first 21 days in that business made some training videos and in it one of the techniques he showed us was about tracking URL’s And rotating Urls. One of the tools he was using was this one

I started using it and was blown away at how good the rotator is.. Using the software i have for creating capture pages and this rotator made one heck of a combination. Now I can see the optin rate of all my different capture pages and get rid of the one that is not working for me it is really cool.


When I bought the software I paid for them to install the software for me but below I have put a video how to actually install the software yourself.
If you are serious about increasing your optins and sales conversions this software is a must have in your Internet Marketing Tool arsenal..

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How To Install Quality Click Control On Your Website/Domain

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Quality Click Control Rotator And Tracker Review

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