You Tube Alternatives

You Tube Alternatives

I am a big fan of You Tube for getting traffic your videos or websites but using You Tube is risky if you are promoting an online business as a lot of business models can go against You Tube’s terms of services.

Therefore, if you really want to keep your videos safe then you need to do it using Your own video hosting account.


If you where starting a restaurant you probably would not want to start it in your next door neighbours garden would you? Unfortunatel many people start an online business and put all their best content on You Tube Vimeo or some of the other free video services.

Of which they have no control, putting control your content on other people servers is a very risky way to run an online business.  If after posting videos for weeks months or years  your You Tube, Vimeo Account gets deleted all your work has gone down the drain.

So I recommend you use another hosting option like this software which uses Amazon s3 your own paid hosting service.

Or in the video below there is another alternative I talk about as well.


Here Is The Software I Use


Here is Wistia


Hope you found this information useful  🙂


You Tube Alternatives

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