What Digital Marketing Trends Did We See in 2018?

What Digital Marketing Trends Did We See in 2018?

2018 has been an exciting time for developing technologies, such as chatbots powered by artificial intelligence, as well as shifting online behaviours, like the jump of Facebook users to Instagram. This is why we’ve seen some revolutionary techniques for digital marketers to be refining at this valuable point in time.

What Digital Marketing Trends Did We See in 2018_

  1. Lots of new video content

According to SEO Shark – the SEO agency in New Zealand it has been recognized for a while now that videos, like written content on Google results, can be optimized for YouTube, Netflix and other channels. We’ve hence see more of the marketing budget of recent going into producing educational and entertaining video content. It’s also a great time to be doing this as video production is cheaper than ever.

2. Instagram stories

There’s no doubt Instagram consumption goes beyond the scroll-feed these days. There’s much value in story content. Users may skip through these in lightning seconds, so less time than ever (even less than the 10 second video rule) to make them stay. 

We’ve seen a rise in marketing guides to reeling in viewers and building brand awareness through the ‘Instagram Story’. You have to get creative, produce a fast and engaging first impression that you’re brand is fun and relatable.

3. Shift to Instagram

Don’t get us wrong, Facebook still has a HUGE following and we foresee it continuing to be one of the most important online network platforms for years to come. However, various factors have undeniably lead to large portion of users spending considerable more time on Instagram than in the past.

One theory suggests this is because of the appeal of a highly visual platform that allow people to use great images and less text to creatively express themselves. Facebook may have allowed more freedom of expression, until it took on a more professional angle with prospective employers scrolling profiles in the screening process 

Marketers may hence notice Facebook posts getting less traction this year, and Instagram growing. Instagram ads and boost posts, as well as optimizing keywords and posting quality images are all recommend points of investment for exponentially growing traffic on this application.

4. Live features

Live cams on Facebook, YouTube, and other sources, have also been on the rise in 2018. This, too, has caught the attention of marketers who are investigating ways to do this in the most professional way possible.

5. Chat bots

We couldn’t help but notice that on SO many business websites today you are greeted by a chat box popping up on one side, stealing your attention. Said chat boxes contain a friendly staff member eagerly waiting on the other end with answers to your specific queries about the company’s products and/or services. Or at least in theory…

You may find you are not in fact speaking to another human being, but a chat bot, a computer program that, using artificial intelligence, mimics human conversation. And a leading reason for their surge in 2018 is that 57% of customers have been found to want a live chat to obtain instant answers about their queries when making financial decisions.

And of course, digital marketing has its finger on the pulse with chat bot optimization techniques such as:

  • Growing the database of the chatbot’s possible responses to varied queries
  • Developing response content that’s rich and informative about the company
  • Making sure chatbots are available 24/7 and mobile friendly

 6.  Speech-recognition functions

Speaking of artificial intelligence, there’s been a lot work going on behind the scenes this year in training speech recognition technologies such as Siri on the iPhone to accurately recognise words as well as their context of use.

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