Why I Changed Hosting And What Can You Learn From This

Why I Changed Hosting And What Can You Learn From This

In today’s post I want to talk about hosting and my experience using various hosting services there are two things that you should remember.

1. Everything I say is my personal experience and may not be the same for you..

2. Every ones situation will be different …

There are a few things you need to know before you start having multiple blogs or a huge website..

In fact this is hugely important and will save you lots of time,energy and possibly hassle in the near future.

Firstly Unlimited Domains Does Not Mean Unlimited Domains.

When it comes to hosting your websites even if many of the top companies advertise unlimited domains once your websites get too big or you have too many of them they basically kick you out. Or tell you to delete some of your websites so all you can do at this stage is upgrade to a VPS account or a dedicated server ..  My dedicated server with Hostgator was $500 per month until the EU levied a $100 a month tax on top of that bringing it up to $600 a month..

I grew it to about 600 Websites but started to get plagued by problems after they basically forced me to use a Cache plugin..

This messed up all of my websites they where never the same again always plagued with problems..  And half of them regularly down at any one time.

One a few occassions I also had my websites hacked over 300 of them down by a hacker in one go..  You can see more about that here 

After this I realised a few things, first was when all your sites are on the same server they can all go down at once..

Also if you have everything on one server you will at some time have huge problems with your websites.

So since then I have moved all my websites to multiple small hosting accounts a maximum of twenty on each account..

I starting  using bluehost for a few of them but there where a few features which don’t work on my wordpress plugins. I then started using Hostmonster about a year ago so far everything has been fine. Live chat is great very rarely have any downtime or problems and definetely makes life at lot easier.

The other great thing is if a hacker attacks my websites they will only mainly get onto one server which means 20 websites down at a time instead of 350..  Which I can tell you makes life a lot easier 🙂

I tried liquid web server on my websites as well before moving to hostgator but my sites where down 75% of the time and running really slowly I had around 300 websites at that time.. So I am not too keen on them either..

I hope you found this information useful feel free to post your comments below and if you want to buy a hosting account I personally recommend multiple small hostmonster accounts which will set you back each about $30 for three months..



Why I Changed Hosting And What Can You Learn From This


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