Why SEO Simplified is one of the most Powerful Internet Marketing Tools

Why SEO Simplified is one of the Most Powerful Internet Marketing Tools

When it comes to Internet Marketing, SEO is a fantastic way to get targeted traffic to your website or blog if you know what you are doing. There are many people who overcomplicate the process or go overboard when it comes to doing SEO for their website.

You don’t need teams of writers from around the world guest blogging for you in order to get lots of backlinks to your websites to rank for a keyword.  In fact, many of these methods now get penalised by Google and you could actually find that your site disappears altogether from Google if they think you are gaming the system.

Two friends I know were doing this. One got his income up to $40,000 per month; the other got their website up to $70k per month in commissions, selling products in the health and diet industry.  It took about six months to grow the site to where a considerable income was coming in.  It made money for about 6 to 8 months before Google completely deindexed it.

The 70k site managed to give good results for two years, maybe because the webmaster was a doctor and this probably give him more credibility with Google.  He had a team of about 20 writers either blogging on his website or guest posting on other high ranking authority blogs before Google hit them hard and their sites disappeared.

I have a mentor who has made over 100 million dollars online. He makes one 5 page website and ranks it for one main keyword.  He says that he never posts backlinks on other blogs or websites, though he does recommend sharing it on social media and pinging it in the search engines using a good ping list. There is also a few other settings he changes on WordPress.

It is very important when listening to information about SEO that it is from someone credible who understands exactly how SEO works. There is a lot of old information out there on the internet, that if followed could end up having a negative effect on your website. In fact in many cases could get you de-indexed completely.

Why SEO Simplified is one of the most Powerful Internet Marketing Tools
Why SEO Simplified is one of the most Powerful Internet Marketing Tools

Remember great content on your website is a good SEO strategy that keeps everything simplistic and clean. People want great relevant content and information when they visit your website. So give your readers exactly what they want and you are already more than halfway there.

Anything else you need to know about SEO can be learned. Great SEO targeting can and will definitely make the difference between being broke, surviving or living an abundant internet marketing lifestyle.  Though there are many other methods of getting targeted traffic online.  This is one strategy that should never be overlooked.

Want to find out more about SEO? I recently came across this article you may find interesting written by Philip Bradley it is called How to master SEO in 2016 .  Please feel free to post any comments or questions you have below  🙂

Why SEO Simplified- Is One Of The Most Powerful Internet Marketing Tools

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